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Trademark Registration

The following docoments are required for Design Registration

  • 10 colored photographs (of each view) of the article from different points of view, so as to clearly catch the shape or configuration of the article.
  • Documentary proof of Priority (if any).
  • General Power of Attorney given to us in India duly signed by the proprietor, partner or one of the Directors of the company in the case may be as per draft annexed herewith.
  • A copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association or copy of Partnership deed in the case may be or relevant document in the case of other constitution of firm.

Note: All documents must be submitted in English language only.

Information Required

  • Name(s), age and address(es) and nationality(ies) of the Applicant whether they are partners or Directors.
  • Name, address, designation and nationality of whose signature has to be obtained on General Power of Attorney underneath signature.